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Chill and Escape in Our Natural Shelters

National Park of American Samoa

Be a creator of your own rest on the beach or under the trees, be at ease and stay in the privacy of your own mind for a while. In American Samoa, you will enjoy the beauty of nature, delicious taste of local dishes and breath-taking views of amazing landscapes.

When you are tired of activities, just chill and hide – stay alone or with close people in not crowded space, we’ve got several to offer! All of them look like a lonely planet so come and enjoy them.

And then…

Whenever you are ready to enjoy the activity-full part of your holiday again, back in Pago Pago, we will have delicious culinary meals waiting for you at our Tradewinds Hotel. Also, taste our wide range of wines and beer in our famous Equator Bar.

Have a stroll around our Pago Pago city and discover local restaurants where you can often see the process of the chefs working directly with local fish which is directly brought from the sea. All products are fresh and extremely delicious.

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