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Hire an ocean kayak, play golf, go for a deep jungle hike or do some great snorkeling or reef fishing. It’s all waiting for you.

The True American Samoa Experience
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Visit Vatia In The National Park Of
American Samoa

Exploring American Samoa With All Its Scenic Spots

In addition to the natural beauty of the islands, the American Samoan culture is fascinating and highly accessible to visitors. Explore Tutuila where you can snorkel the vibrant coral reefs of Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary, hikers can explore the National Park of American Samoa or enjoy 18 holes of golf at nearby Ili’ili Golf Course. 

Hire an ocean kayak, or take advantage of one of the guided activities available, including deep jungle hikes and reef fishing. Have a unique American Samoa Experience.

South Beach 
Located on Ofu Island, South Beach is made of fine coral sand. Across the bay on nearby Olosega Island, Sunuitao Peak, and Piumafua Mountain rise up, creating a dramatic contrast to the azure blue waters which are great for snorkeling.

Amalau Valley 
Flying foxes, or fruit bats, are often spotted in Amalau Valley, located on the scenic Pago Pago road on Tutuila Island. There are also lovely high cascading waterfalls on display in the valley.

Mount Alava
The tallest mountain of the Samoan islands, the 1600 foot Mount Alava is located on Tutuila Island and offers sweeping views of Pago Pago Harbor and Rainmaker Mountain. 

Afono Pass
On the road from Pago Pago, between Rainmaker Mountain and Maugaloa Ridge, is the Afono Pass. From there, panoramic views of mountain ridges guarantee great photos. Over the pass sits the village of Afono, where Samoans live in traditional thatched huts. 

Experience The Unique Samoan Culture

The American Samoan culture delights visitors with its unique mixture of old ways and new. The friendly people enhance the natural splendors of the islands, making the tropical reefs more fascinating and the volcanic mountains more magnificent. 

For more than 3,000 years, members of Polynesia’s oldest culture have lived on the islands of American Samoa. Samoa means “sacred earth,” the name reflecting the belief of the people – that the islands are a special place to be cherished and protected.

Samoans are tradition-oriented and closely follow ancient social customs – this Samoan way or fa’asamoa is still deeply ingrained in American Samoa culture. As a visitor, it is important to be mindful and respectful of local customs and traditions while visiting these enchanting islands. 

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